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Check out BodyRock Trainers Tammy & Jessie right now! Here is Class One of Tone & Torch 2.0. Each week they offer Strength, Cardio and Mobility classes in 20 Minute workouts. You'll LOVE the energy of these BFFs.

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About the Trainers

The Tone & Torch training twosome, Jessie and Tammy, met almost two decades ago and have been inseparable ever since. They now have five kids between them and legions of fit fans who are living, sweating proof of their talents as incredible personal trainers. Jessie and Tammy put BFF vibes into every single workout, making BR+ members feel welcome and supported during even the most challenging of classes.

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Beyond the Bootcamp

We have workouts for all fitness levels! Yoga, dance, HIIT, combat, mobility training, and more. Train with us anytime, anywhere.

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