How it works

The BodyRock Training System is designed for absolutely everyone. If you are just getting into fitness or if you are lifting weights regularly, our platform will accelerate your progress in no time with our proven strategy to achieve all fitness goals. Follow these 5 steps to ensure you're making the most of your BR+ membership.

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    Aim for 5 classes each week . You can alternate between your regular bootcamp & yoga if you're just getting started. Follow our recommendations below based on your current fitness level and remember - easy does it!

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    Stay Consistent. Remember you've already won half the battle when you show up for a class everyday. We've generally seen most people fail when they do not have a proper workout schedule to follow. Decide on a time, whatever works for you and show up no matter how much your body convinces you to push it for later.

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    Modify or Level up. Depending on where you are with your fitness, do not be afraid to modify if a move is too hard for you. Or levelup if it seems too easy. Our workouts are designed to help you get the desired results & that can only happen when you listen to your body.

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    Nutrition & Gear. You will want to see your progress in days, not months. In order for that to happen, you must understand how to fuel your body. Beginners should clean up their diet with our Meal Plan, and Intermediate to Advanced should consider Intermittent Fasting. Add Gear as you start to level up.

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    Join the community We have a private Facebook Group just for our subscribers. Everyone in the Group is on our platform, working out to the same workouts you are. Take a “before” pic because, honey, you’re gonna lose weight fast! Then post your daily sweaty high five in our group to inspire others with your dedication! You can also meet your favourite trainers & ask them anything.

The Classes

BR+ has a huge variety of classes for you to choose from. From HIIT to level up, to basic getting started & advanced challenges, the platform has something for everyone. Start with a program that fits your level & level up. You can also do workouts that improve your flow and posture. Go for a yoga class or a complete stretch & mobility session, you are sure to love the changes these 12 - 40 minute workouts are going to give you.


Try to do one workout per weekday, and do something active on the weekends like hike, bike or walk.

For your weekday workout, you can start with one of our Series, Challenges or Bootcamps.
We highly recommend the Start Strong Series, especially if you are waiting for some gear to arrive!

If you are already in killer shape, we recommend our Fast & Furiously Fit series. BodyRock Trainer and President, Sean Light, is no ordinary trainer: try it if you dare!


You will reach a plateau with bodyweight, and wonder how to really see that lean muscle growth that you came here for. That is when, hopefully, your BodyRock gear will arrive. Your first and very best friend will be your Weighted Vest. Hearing that vest snap into place is like turning a light on in your brain, getting you into workout mode!

Get acquainted with that feeling by watching some key moves in this video.


Follow our recommendations below based on your current fitness level.

  • Beginner:
    If you’re new to working out on a regular basis, we recommend lower intensity workouts and Express classes to ease you in. After a few weeks of these classes, you should be ready to hop into our intermediate classes.

    ── Start Strong ── Beginner Bootcamp ── BR20 ── Beginner Bootcamp Bridge

  • Intermediate:
    If you’re in this category, you should be able to perform challenging exercises with proper knowledge of form, modifications, and understand a variety of workout styles to suit your goals.

    ── Stay Safe Series ── Sweatflix lIVE 2020 ── MaxHIIT Season 1,2,3

  • Advanced:
    If you’re in this category you’re ready to push your body to the max to increase power, speed, and intensity to achieve maximum results.

    ── The HIIT Series ── Fast & Furiously Fit Series ── 5X8 series

Have it when you need it!

You are going to want to level up with BodyRock gear as soon as possible. It will take just one or two workouts to realize that our Vest or Balance Trainer is key to getting in shape and getting toned. Click below and use the code LEVELUP at checkout for a 20% Discount on your first order with us, if $99 or over!

Join The Community

Join our exclusive Facebook group to connect with like minded members, share favorite classes and be inspired. It is a safe space where members from around the world, come together to encourage, support, and connect with each other.